Belly Dance Classes

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Oriental Belly Dance Styles

Small bullet Khaleegy or Kaliji

From the Gulf Region and Arabic Peninsula, Khaleegy is a joyful, expressive, and lively dance performed to traditional folk music for celebrations and happy events like weddings. Several women dance together, one may begin and the others join in with her. The main movements are done in a very rhythmical and feminine way, using the head, hair, body and hands to create wave-like undulating movements.

The word Khaleegy means 'Gulf' in Arabic, and the meaning of the dance relates to the movement of the sea.

Small bullet Ballady, Baladi or Beledy

Meaning 'Country Dance' or 'Folk Dance', and often known as Raqs Belledy, this is a folk form of belly dance originating from Egypt. It is a style where the main focus is on hip movements. The dancer appears relaxed and strongly connected to the ground.

Small bullet Dances with Wings

Belly dancers often use props such as veils and sticks, but by far the most impressive are Isis Wings. Professional Isis Wings are vey large, yet also very light. Named after the Egyptian godess Isis, they are made of a shimmering translucent material designed to catch the light and they are used as an extension of the dancer's body, and to emphasise the movements.